Think of a Web Shop for Marketeers

According to InfoSys, 86% of consumers report that personalised marketing plays a major role in their purchasing decisions.

Enterprise marketers must find ways to deliver custom content at a local level while upholding their hard-earned brand. YPS’s Distributed Marketing Platform makes it easy to do both—giving corporate marketers control and visibility while helping your teams in the field create highly-customised marketing campaigns. The result? Higher engagement, a better experience for customers, and more market share and revenue for your organisation.

What It Can Do For You?

We Care About Your Brand

With our extensive expertise, we will help implement solutions and results to gain your time, budget and resources back. Our promise to all our customers is that we’ll guide you to the right template, with the right images, helping you hit the right market.

YPS Delivers Branded Documentation
To Your Business

But what is Branded Document Automation? ‘BDA’ is the technology that allows businesses to automate their marketing materials to ensure brand design consistency every time, increasing efficiency to market to the right audience within your budget.

YPS Empowers Businesses To Create
Their Own Assets

Once your design is locked down, your business will be able to create beautifully designed materials without the need of a dedicated support system around each individual asset.

The Possibilities Of Responsive Templates Can Be Endless

Event banners, posters, digital displays, social media images, adverts, sales proposals and so on. Think about it – how much better would it be if the document that landed on your desk could be automated under your control, so you could put your energy into more strategic projects?


Data Integrity

Databases are central assets that can be applied to all or any number of variable jobs.
This data is easily updated by Administrators or Supervisors and will populate the relevant fields of all jobs that are associated with it. Personalised information can be used from one central database.

User Privileges

Area Managers, Head Office Staff or Branch Managers can monitor orders that users have placed. An approval system prevents users ordering unauthorised jobs whilst administrative users are able to monitor and approve what’s ordered. Admin or Supervisors can upload new data when required.

Speed Of Use

With links to the UK internet backbone via our fibre optic leased line, the speed of file transfers and creation of PDFs are optimised.


Reduced wastage and reprints.

Online Inventory

Call off from stock items listed online with automated email re-ordering system.

How Can We Help?

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